Data Center

We provide a whole set of data center units, including UPS, Battery packs, cooling systems ,42U server cabinets and monitoring systems ,power distribution units.

Cabinets which include rack mounted UPS, battery packs, cooling systems, power distribution unit and monitoring systems. With remaining space of server cabinets used to install servers. We provide unique set ups for applicaton in bank industrial, IT industrial, and medicial industrial,and so on.

IDU—Integrated Datacenter Unit

IDU range includes single cabinet ,double cabinets ,and 3-9 cabinets (power cabinets + IT racks ) solutions .Standardlized but flexible configurations can cover most of the application scenarios; See specs

IDM—Integrated Datacenter Module

IDM range provides full all-in-one solutions for single module within 15 meters; See specs

IDR—Integrated Datacenter Room

IDR range bases on FEFA's strong single module within 15 meters; R&D/Engineering/Integration capacities, can be tailor-made for most of multi-module large size data-centers ;

High efficiency and energy-saving by simple & effective monitoring.

Internal Structure
Air Flow Distribution

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